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Basement Flooding Removal North Wales PA.

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Emergency restoration services are offered by Aftercare Restoration 24 hours a day 7 days a week. These services include water damage cleanup, basement flooding, fire damage restoration, sewer damage cleanup and mold restoration.  Open 24/7 Call Now! 215.792.4331

Below is a list of 10 common topics that we discuss with customers in order to help educate them in the area of emergency restoration services.

  1. Make sure you know what’s NOT covered by your policy: Most policies have changed over the years and don’t cover, sump pump failure, basement flooding, sewer backup, earthquakes, landslides, sinkholes, mold, power failure, government failure including war.
  2. What IS normally covered is water damage from a broken pipe and accidents. For example a 3 year old over flows the bathroom sink because they left the faucet run for hours while you were out at the grocery store. (Yes this really happened). It damaged the bathroom, kitchen and basement. Fortunately the bathroom flood was covered and the home owner only had to pay their deductible.
  3. Insurance companies pay for the effect but NOT the cause. Your hot water heater bursts on a Monday morning are you covered?  Your insurance company will normally pay for the water damage cleanup but not the replacement of the hot water heater.
  4. Know your deductible-Is your deductible $1000 or 1% or 2% of the home’s insured value? There is a big difference… for instance 1% of a $300K house is a $3,000 deductible.  2% would be a $6,000 deductible!
  5. Sump pump failure rider – If you have a finished basement and a sump pump you absolutely want to add this onto your home owners insurance policy. If not you will be footing the entire water damage cleanup if you experience a basement flood.
  6. Liability umbrella policy: This is relatively inexpensive option to add onto your home owner’s policy but well worth a few dollars every year.
  7. Additional Living Expenses: Covers temporary lodging expenses if your home has to be repaired because of a covered repair. This is a much better option than crashing at your in-laws!
  8. Guaranteed (or extended) replacement cost/value: This pays for whatever it cost to repair or rebuild your home even if it’s more than your policy limit. Since the cost of repairing or replacing your home can be higher especially in certain markets this is a prudent thing to consider.
  9. There is two parts to water damage cleanup. The first part is called the “mitigation” which includes cleaning up the water damage.  This may entail removing water carpet and padding, removing baseboards, extracting the water and placing professional drying equipment in the affected area for 3 days.  The second part is referred to as the put back or reconstruction.  As the customer you have the right to choose who does the reconstruction “put back.”  If you weren’t that impressed by the company that performed the first part “mitigation” simply find a different company to handle the reconstruction.
  10. As the home owner and customer you have the right to choose the contractor that works on your home. If your insurance company sends out a company and they aren’t meeting your needs you have the right to send them away and choose a contractor of your choosing. Whether it’s for the water mitigation for a basement flood, sump pump flood or the reconstruction.  As the home owner you have the right to approve of the contractor that works in your home.

Open 24/7 Call Now! 215.792.4331