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Six Tips To Prevent Water Damage

AfterCare Restoration

How To Prevent Water Damage

The old saying an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is especially true when it comes to water damage and flood damage prevention in Lansdale PA and surrounding communities.  Below are six steps to help you from needing water damage restoration.

  1. Check Your Gutters and Drainage Around Your House. Consider downspout extensions so the water drains at least six feet away from your property.  During a heavy thunderstorm its important to have enough drainage (horsepower) to get the water away from your property and prevent water damage and flood damage.
  2. Check your Sump Pump. Most sump pumps are only designed to last three to five years and it may be time to proactively replace it if it runs frequently. If you decide to replace your sump pump, we recommend a minimum of ½ HSP in order to provide you with enough pumping power to prevent water damage during a strong thunderstorm.
  3. Know Your Property’s History: If you have a history of flooding and water damage, consider installing a French drain and water proofing your basement. Dealing with root cause flooding and water damage is a good starting point for preventing future water damage cleanup to your property.
  4. Update Your Insurance Policy. If you live in a flood zone you may want to consider flood insurance (if available).  Additionally adding a sump pump failure back up plan to your policy is something we highly recommend. We suggest a minimum of $10,000 coverage for a finished basement.  This is especially important if you have a bathroom in your basement incase you have a sewage backup as well.
  5. Get Off The Floor: Put boxes and belongings on storage bins at least 12 inches off the floor.  Unfortunately, we have seen many precious items damaged or destroyed do to water and flood damage because they were in boxes sitting on the floor.  Even just three or four inches of water damage can destroy the contents in a box.
  6. Talk With Neighbors: If you are new to a house and or neighborhood it’s a good idea to get the history of the neighborhood. Often times your neighbors will know about your property’s history of water damage and possibly items that weren’t disclosed to you when you bought your property.


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We serve Quakertown PA, Lansdale PA, King of Prussia PA and all of Montgomery, Bucks and Lehigh Valley counties. If you live anywhere near the Quakertown PA, Lansdale PA or King of Prussia PA area and experience water damage, basement flooding, fire, smoke, soot damage we are prepared to serve you 24/7 every day.