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Storm Damage Repair

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24/7 Damage Restoration Company

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AfterCare Restoration is a local family & Veteran owned damage restoration company.  We specialize in all aspects of damage restoration to include tree strikes to homes or buildings, lighting strikes, flood damage and water damage because of roof leaks. We offer complete water damage restoration and repair and reconstruction services.  This saves you time and money as you only have to work with one contractor so you can focus on your family and other responsibilities while we manage the storm damage restoration process.

No matter the storm damage our team at AfterCare Restoration is experienced in repairing all storm and damage restoration situations.

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You can trust AfterCare Restoration to restore your property fast after the storm! We know that storms don’t just damage homes during regular business hours. We respond 24/7 to emergencies to repair your home after a flood.

One Hour Response Time, Free Estimates, We Work With ALL Insurance Companies!

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Our Storm Damage Services

Flooding, even just a few inches of water, can cause significant damage to your home. AfterCare Restoration has the tools and the know-how to repair your home fast. After a flood, we’ll pump any standing water, dry out the damaged area, and reduce the risk of hazardous mold growth. If there is evidence of mold growth, we can eliminate the fungus at the source.

We’re skilled damage restoration contractors that can complete reconstruction projects of all sizes. Our team can rebuild walls, ceilings, floors, and other structural areas of your home damaged by floodwater.

Following IICRC Industry Standards

We’re a family and veteran-owned business that’s experienced managing storm damage repair projects of all sizes. AfterCare Restoration is IICRC Certified, meaning our team is trained according to the highest industry standards.

Frequently Asked Questions About Storm Damage

What should I do after flood damage?

After a flood has damaged your property after a storm, you need to prioritize your family’s health and safety. Be careful about any electrical hazards around floodwaters in your basement or attic. It’s also important to be mindful of contaminated water, so be sure to avoid coming in contact with the flooded area, if possible. Immediately call AfterCare Restoration at 215-515-1000, and we can begin mitigating the damage.

Do insurance companies cover storm and flood damage?

Insurance policies vary, and we know that managing the claims process for storm and flood damage can be confusing. Our experienced team can help you navigate the process, assist with documentation, and reduce the stress of dealing with your insurance company.

If I find storm damage, should I call my insurance company or a damage restoration company first?

If your home has been flooded or damaged by a storm, call AfterCare Restoration as soon as possible. It’s essential to quickly mitigate any storm damage to your property to reduce the risk of lasting damage, including mold. Once our team is on the scene, we can assist you with navigating the insurance claims process with your policy provider.