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Don’t Let Your Holiday Fireworks Lead to Fire Damage


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Independence Day is coming – it’s time for pool parties, cookouts, and fireworks! Unfortunately, our celebrations all too often turn into tragedies, as mishandled and misused fireworks are responsible for more than 19,500 fires each year, more than a quarter of them on the 4th of July.

While we’re happy to be your trusted partner if a fire should be the unfortunate result of a firework mishap, we’re even happier if you don’t need our services. Here are some safety tips for handling fireworks this Independence Day:

Don’t Handle Fireworks

The best way to minimize the risk of a firework accident is simple: don’t use fireworks. Many of our area’s towns, schools, churches, and other organizations will be hosting beautiful, professional fireworks displays launched by experts who have the training to handle fireworks safely. Leave it to the pros and enjoy a safe holiday this year.

Keep Water Handy

Always have a bucket of water or hose on standby in case of an accident, preferably only a few steps away from where the fireworks are being set off.

Designate a Safety Perimeter

Ensure you keep family members, neighbors, and pets away from the immediate vicinity where you’re setting off fireworks. Spectators must be about 30-40 feet from ground fountains and firecrackers and about 150 feet from aerial fireworks. Make sure that your launch site is that same distance away from trees, buildings, and other structures.

Ditch the Duds

If a firework fails to ignite, let it sit for 5-10 minutes before approaching it. When you do approach a dud firework, place it immediately into the bucket of water to prevent a delayed explosion.

Watch Out With Sparklers

While we often hand them out for the kids to play with, sparklers pose an incredible fire risk. Sparklers rely on a thermite reaction that burns far hotter than most other fireworks – about 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to the burn risk, sparklers can quickly start a fire that can fast go out of control.

Never Hold On

Never hold a firework in your hand while you’re lighting it. In addition to increasing the risk of suffering a nasty burn, doing so increases the risk of you dropping the firework or launching it in an unexpected direction, leading to a fire.

Let It Soak

Soak used fireworks and any unused fireworks in water for a few hours before discarding them. This will break up the powder used to power the firework and prevent it from igniting or reigniting in the trash.

Don’t Be Buzzed

Avoid alcohol and drugs if you’re going to be using fireworks. Only allow unimpaired people to help with setting off fireworks.

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Call 24/7 AfterCare Restoration 215.515.1000